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Wolters Kluwer

Communication Specialist
Location: Warsaw


Attractive office location
Bicycle-friendly environment
Umowa o pracę lub zlecenie - do wyboru
Employment contract
Godziny dla rodziny
Two hour family time every month
Darmowy dostęp do systemu LEX
Special prices for our products
Prywatna opieka medyczna
Medical insurance
Nasze produkty wspierają pracę prawników, sędziów, dyrektorów firm.
Gamification System
Dofinansowanie do pakietu sportowego
Sport package
Dużo się dzieje - firma to nie tylko praca
Mountain, sailing, and bicycle clubs




Can you make people stretch their ambitions? Then check if we are looking for you: 

  • Are you passionate about INNOVATION, EMPLOYER BRANDING, and ENGAGEMENT?
  •  Do you mind using your personal brand to promote company brand? Maybe you even have some examples of that?
  •  Are you familiar with using Google analytics for building an employer brand?
  •  Do you like graphics, presentations, taping and directing short movies?
  •  Do you know about content marketing and copywritting for social media?
  •  Can you work in complex scenarios with multiple stakeholders in a full-on matrix structure
  •  Can you communicate in English?
  •  Do you mind sharing your ideas internationally?

 Even if you have not answered “YES” to all of the questions above, but you can convince us you would be best for the role, please contact  us!


Be prepared to experience unexpected amount of fun and development while:

  • Leveraging the candidate-to-employee funnel and aligning Employer Brand strategy;
  • Creating social media strategy;
  • Developing Employee Engagement initiatives and maintaining alignment with the consumer brand;
  • Coordinate corporate events;
  • Leveraging the candidate-to-employee funnel and aligning Employer Brand strategy;
  • Facilitating on-line and off-line Innovation Campaigns;
  • Creating materials & updating collateral pieces, media banners, brand photos and video shoots;
  • Leading internal Gamification tool and managing multiple vendors;
  • Utilizing reporting & dashboard capabilities from vendor and Google Analytics to ensure high performance and ROI;


 What do we offer:

  • Professional and dynamic work environment;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Sport package;
  • Fruits every Tuesday;
  • Bicycle-friendly environment;
  • Two hour family time every month;
  • Day off in your birthday;
  • Mountain, sailing, and bicycle clubs;
  • Gamification system for employees;
  • Office next to the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station.