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Wolters Kluwer

Senior Workplace Technology Engineer


Attractive office location
Bicycle-friendly environment
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Two hour family time every month
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Medical insurance
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Gamification System
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Sport package
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Mountain, sailing, and bicycle clubs




This role is part of the global Workplace Technology team providing workplace services to a global userbase of 25.000 colleagues.

Work activities as part of this role will consist of providing support for workplace management (e.g. patch management, software deployment) as well as projects and initiatives to ensure our workstation devices are up to date and adhering to standards. These activities are expected to be organized and executed with a strong consideration for an optimal user experience.

Wolters Kluwer currently utilizes IBM Bigfix for workplace management and deployment. In the coming years this will evolve to Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop technologies (e.g. Intune) and this role is expected to evolve accordingly.


Necessary Professional experience :

  • 2-5 years Bigfix experience in the following domains:
    - Patching Windows and Mac OS;
    - Client OS deployment including in-place upgrades;
    - Software packaging and deployment;

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 4 Year IT degree;
  • Bigfix certification;
  • Excellent English communication and presentation skills;

Additional Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Client integration and optimization for Office 365 services: Outlook, SharePoint, Skype, OneDrive, Teams;
  • Intune;
  • Azure Active Directory;
  • DNS and Networking – within the relevant scope of workplace;


Your duties:

  • Delivery and continuity of workplace services and solutions in large, global organizations
    - Operational service management of workplace services
    - Methodical delivery of improvements and innovations through (large) projects
    - Working cross countries, languages, teams and leadership governances
    - Working with WK partners and suppliers
    - Providing of technology support to WK GBS IT operational teams and businesses
  • Patching of Windows workstations and servers- Patching of Mac workstations
  • Build Base lines for patching and deployments
  •  Work with PM to deploy software per project.
  •  Deploy Window 7 to Windows 10 in place upgrades
  •  Deploy Windows 10 Semi Annual updates
  •  Build, Test, Deploy Software Deployment packages
  •  Monitor and maintain Bigfix server and relay infrastructure
  •  Troubleshoot and correct non-reporting endpoints
  •  Maintain OS Driver library
  •  Build and maintain Business baselines for image deployment.
  •  Provide compliance reporting for patching and software deployment

 What do we offer:

  • Professional and dynamic work environment;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Sport package;
  • Fruits every Tuesday;
  • Bicycle-friendly environment;
  • Two hour family time every month
  • Day off on your birthday;
  • Mountain, sailing, and bicycle clubs;
  • Gamification system for employees;
  • Office next to the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station.


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